Content Marketing Is Our Next Big Revenue Threat— unless we embrace it now

A great read for my colleagues in print (newspaper and magazine industry), and if you are exploring content marketing strategies.  While content marketing has been around forever, appearing under many different names (advertorials, ad sponsored content, etc.), what makes the topic so relevant today are the host of technology tools, which allow you to explore different levels of user engagement….if we (traditional publishers) hesitate to use content to drive revenue in new and engaging ways, then you will be surprised who won’t!



25 February 2013 · By Kylie Davis

Rather than view content marketing as a threat, news media companies need to see an exciting opportunity worth exploring right now. Otherwise, we’ll be edged out by the new competition — our own advertising clients.

In the heat of a pitched newsroom debate, a former colleague once labeled me a “commercial whore” because I had dared to champion a project to save a weekly newspaper section from death.

I had asked its advertisers, who were leaving in droves, what changes we would need to initiate to give them confidence in the section again. I asked what content they might like to see and if  — or how — they could see themselves participating in that content.

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