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“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another,”…Tim Tebow on Leadership.


Tim Tebow shows that in sports, there’s no faking leadership and Bruce Boudreau and Randy Edsall could take note – The Washington Post.

Someone who tries to force others to do his bidding isn’t a leader; he’s a warlord. Leadership only works when other people find you credible and grant you their cooperation.

Sally Jenkins, a Washington Post sports columnist, recently wrote a piece on Tim Tebow’s (Denver Broncos quarterback) leadership ability.  I think it’s a great article on demonstrating authentic leadership, no matter what your role in life is.  Of course it’s easier said than done…and not everyone/everyplace will allow you to lead in this manner…however, this is wisdom that’s worth striving for!  So the million dollar question is…Who will follow you?



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